Unique Psychiatry and Neurology Congress - MIND & BRAIN - 63rd INPC May 30th- June 2nd, 2024. Park Plaza Histria, Pula, Croatia.



Wednesday,May 24th

Bianca Istriana Hall
Belica Hall
10thInternational Epilepsy Symposium in Pula
Chaiperson: H. Hećimović (Zagreb, Croatia)
V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia): Past 10 years – Epilepsy Symposia in Pula
M. Jurin (Zagreb, Croatia): Novel models of therapy for children with epilepsy
I. Bielen (Zagreb, Croatia): Public health importance of epilepsy in Croatia
H. Hećimović (Zagreb, Croatia): Significant developments in adult epilepsy in Croatia over past 10 years
Ulika Hall
LifeLines Satellite Symposium G. Thorvardsson (Reykjavik, Iceland): EEG meets cloud computing
Ulika Hall
Academic lecture P. Rakić (New Haven, USA): Neuronal migration: Relevance to neuropsychiatric disorders
Thursday, May 25th
Ulika Hall
Ulika Hall
Opening Lecture M. Solms (Cape Town, South Africa): The scientific standing of psychoanalysis
Ulika Hall
MAIN THEME – Dementia Chairpersons: N. Bogdanović (Stockholm, Sweden), N. Müller (München, Germany)
N. Bogdanović (Stockholm, Sweden): Imaging in the early assessment of dementia disorders
M. Ikonomović (Pittsburgh, USA):Validation of amyloid and tau PET in AD and non-AD dementias: clinical-pathological correlations
N. Müller (Munich, Germany): Immune based treatments of Alzheimers disease
J. M. Burgunder (Bern, Switzerland): Molecular mechanisms in Huntington’s disease: the path to therapy
M. Čuturić (Columbia, USA): Huntington's disease: current trends
V. Vuletić (Rijeka, Croatia): Parkinson's disease dementia
D. Chudy (Zagreb, Croatia): Deep brain stimulation as a therapy for neurologic and psychiatric disease – New insights
Ulika Hall
ABBVIE Satellite Symposium – 200 years of Parkinson's Disease
Z. Pirtovšek (Ljubljana, Croatia): Before and after James Parkinson: Many faces of Parkinsonism
V. Vuletić (Rijeka, Croatia): Modern concept of treating Parkinson's disease
12:00-13:30 Bianca Istriana
Young Psychiatrists: The role of Psychological factors in Psychopharmacotherapy Chairpersons: V. Bilić (Zagreb, Croatia), D. Marčinko (Zagreb,Croatia)
D. Marčinko (Zagreb, Croatia): Psychodynamic of psychopharmacotherapy
B. Vuksan Ćusa (Zagreb, Croatia): Bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder-comorbidity, multimorbidity or overlapping
A. N. Domokuš (Popovača, Croatia): Case report (with supervision)
13:00-14:30 LUNCH
Ulika Hall
MAIN THEME - Stroke Chairpersons: V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia), K. Niederkorn (Graz, Austria)
S. Gajović (Zagreb, Croatia): Preclinical neuroimaging of animal stroke models
V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia): Contemporary approach to stroke prevention
D. Zadravec (Zagreb, Croatia): Recent advances in neuroimaging and neurointenvention in acute stroke
K. Niederkorn (Graz, Austria) : Critical issues in endovascular stroke treatment
N. Bogdanović (Stockholm, Sweden): Vascular cognitive impairment
S. Morović (Zagreb, Croatia): The role of arterial stiffness in assessment of cognitive decline
H. Budinčević (Zagreb, Croatia): Direct oral anticoagulants in secondary stroke prevention J. Ljevak (Zagreb, Croatia): Direct oral anticoagulants and neurovascular complications – can we do more?
Bianca Istriana Hall
6th Psychopathology Summer School Chairpersons: K. Bechter (Günzburg, Germany) & M. Brüne (Bochum, Germany)

J. Schröder (Heildelberg, Germany): Cerebral correlates of cognitive reserve
D. Bernheim (Ulm, Germany): Neural correlates of attachment in borderline patients at the beginning of DBT therapy: An fMRI study
M. Brüne (Bochum, Germany): Mentalisation based group therapy as an add-on to dialectical behavior therapy in borderline patients
F. Benedetti (Milan, Italy): Chronotherapy in affective disorders
N. Müller (Munich, Germany): Differential diagnosis:Tourette-syndromeversus PANDAS-syndrome
K. Bechter (Günzburg, Germany): Focusing onimportant aspects in psychotherapy: Experience guided thoughts
M. Bechi (Milan, Italy): Exploring functioning in schizophrenia: implications for treatment
17:15-18:00 Ulika Hall MOLEAC Satelitte Symposium
V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia): Enhancing Recovery After Stroke – NeuroAid
17:15-18:00 Belica Hall Workshop: How to write and read A paper Anton Glasnović (Zagreb, Croatia): How to plan a research in clinical setting
Ulika Hall
Poster Session
Chairpersons: K. Bechter (Günzburg, Germany), N. Bogdanovic (Stockholm, Sweden), K. Niederkorn (Graz, Austria), I. Šain (Pula, Croatia)
Friday, May 26th
Ulika Hall
Chairpersons: C. Enzinger (Graz, Austria), O. Sinanović (Tuzla, BIH)
C. Enzinger (Graz, Austria): Neuroimaging and multiple sclerosis
A. Glasnović (Zagreb, Croatia): Immunologic processes in multiple sclerosis – The newest insights
V. Bašić-Kes (Zagreb, Croatia): New trends in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
M. Bošnjak Pašić (Zagreb, Croatia): Multiple sclerosis and pregnancy
O. Sinanović (Tuzla, BIH):Dysphagia in neurologic disorders
M. Nakić (New Haven, USA): Advances in neuroimaging and impact on psychiatric practice
F. Benedetti (Milan, Italy): Immune tolerance and neuroinflammation in chronic depression: bridging the gap between psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases
B. Tsygankov (Moscow, Russian Federation): Night eating syndrome in patients with anxiety and depression.
H. Drexhage (Rotterdam, Netherlands): T-cell defects and pro-inflammatory monocytes/macrophages are “drugable” key elements of mood disorders
Ulika Hall
LUNDBECK Satellite Symposium
M.Bajs Janović (Zagreb, Croatia): Depresija je više od poremećaja raspoloženja: put ka funkcionalnom oporavku bolesnika V. Ferreri (Rijeka, Croatia): Brintellix u svakodnevnoj kliničkoj praksi Rasprava
12:00-13:00 Belica Hall Workshop: Beyond wants – stress-relief mind training
Chairperson: I. Mošič (Rijeka, Croatia)
13:00-14:30 LUNCH
14:30-16:30 Ulika Hall MAIN THEME - PSYCHIATRY Chairpersons: M.Brüne (Bochun, Germany), D. Marčinko (Zagreb, Croatia)
S. Matačić (Zagreb, Croatia): Some thoughts about depression, „the disease of 21stcentury“ – a psychodynamic approach
D. Marčinko (Zagreb, Croatia): Depression and suicidality in personality and eating disorders
M. Bajs Janović (Zagreb, Croatia): Indications for electroconvulsive therapy in mood disorders
M. Brüne (Bochum, Germany): Nonverbal interaction of patients with borderline personality disorder
M.Z. Dernovšek (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Psychoeducation on depression, anxiety disorders and stress related disorders in community health centers in Slovenia
Bianca Istriana Hall
Stroke Symposium Chairpersons: G.E. Klein (Graz, Austria), G. Lanner (Graz, Austria)
E.B. Ringelstein (Münster, Germany): Hunting for stroke mimics and chameleons
K. Niederkorn (Graz, Austria): Silent brain infarctions – update
T. Gattringer (Graz, Austria): Rare stroke cases
A. Arsovska (Skopje, Macedonia): Cerebral venous thrombosis: etiology, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
M. Zaletel (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Antiphospholipid antibodies, a possible etiologic factor for cerebrovascular events in younger adult patients.
B. Žvan (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Impact of leukoaraiois on the endothelial function
Belica Hall
Neuroscience Symposium: Neurobiologic basis of cognitive development
Chairperson: I. Kostović (Zagreb)
I. Kostović (Zagreb, Croatia): Development of “wiring” specific for the human fetal brain
M. Judaš (Zagreb, Croatia): Human brain development in the framework of life-history theory
Z. Petanjek (Zagreb, Croatia): Plasticity of microcircuitry during protracted development of human associative cortex
Ž. Krsnik (Zagreb, Croatia): Gene expression in the developing and adult human brain: relevance for brain disorders
Bianca Istriana Hall
MEDIS Satelite Symposium: Prikaz kliničke učinkovitosti lijeka Tecfidera, prikazi pacijenata
V. Bašić Kes (Zagreb, Croatia) & M. Bošnjak Pašić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Belica Hall
Neuroscience and Neuropsychiatry in Society – Student Symposium Chairpersons: F. Đerke (Zagreb, Croatia), A. Juginović (Split, Croatia)
F. Đerke (Zagreb, Croatia): Healthy BRain Project: Promoting mental health in school children
M. Šefčić (Zagreb, Croatia) Art as Therapy:The aestheticization and rehumanization of public space
T. Majer (Osijek, Croatia): Brain awareness week - our experience
A. Juginović (Split, Croatia): Student Society for neuroscience NeuroSplit: a brief story of a great future
C.I. Jukić (Rijeka, Croatia): Student congress of neuroscience- NeuRi
Bianca Istriana Hall
SAFE SATElitte Symposium
I. Milojević (Ćuprija, Serbia): Burden of stroke report
A. Arsovska (Skopje, Macedonia): The role and characteristics of Stroke support organizations - voice of patients in Central and Eastern Europe
Bianca Istriana Hall
6thSYMPOSIUM ON INTERFACE PROVIDERS IN NEUROREHABILITATION Chairpersons: N. Beck (Zagreb, Croatia), P. Verschure (Barcelona, Spain)
P. Verschure (Barcelona, Spain): Rehabilitation gaming system: Science grounded, virtual reality delivered stroke rehabilitation
I. Gligorijević (Belgrade, Serbia): Mobile brain recordings - a matter of presence and future
N. Beck (Zagreb, Croatia): Peak performance in sports and anti ageing for the mind -individualised neurofeedback
S. Rucner (Zagreb, Croatia): The importance of music in everyday life
Bianchera Hall
Kuratorium Meeting
Saturday, May 27th
Ulika Hall
Best posters awards presentationS Chairpersons: V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia), F. Benedetti (Milan, Italy)
Ulika Hall
Joint Meeting with Alps-Adria Neuroscience Section and Central and Eastern European Stroke Society and WFN Applied Research Group on the Organization and Delivery of Care Chairpersons: L. Battistin (Padova, Italy), V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia).

M. Fogec (Zagreb, Croatia): Searching for collectors: an examination of their profiles and behavior within Croatia
K. Bechter (Günzburg, Germany): Achieving remission of therapy resistant psychosis by immune treatments-single case analyses
E. Titianova (Sofia, Bulgaria): Folk wisdom and scientific discoveries
A. Alajbegović (Sarajevo, BiH): Use of cannabis in the therapy of neurological diseases
H. Budinčević (Zagreb, Croatia): ESO-EAST project and stroke registries

We look forward to welcoming you to Pula in-person event! The Administrative Secretariat is pleased to assist you with further details.
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