Unique Psychiatry and Neurology Congress - MIND & BRAIN - 62nd INPC May 18th-21st, 2023. Park Plaza Histria, Pula, Croatia.




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Preliminary Program 2023
Confirmed lecturers

Plenary lectures: 
Vida Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia): The importance of art in enhancing brain recovery
Radwa Khalil (Bremen, Germany): Creative Therapy in Health and Disease: Inner Vision
Ervina Bilić (Zagreb, Croatia): Non-motor signs of myasthenia gravis

Paolo Brambilla (Milan, Italy): Stratification of first episode psychotic patients based on immuno-imaging markers
Karl Bechter (Günzburg, Germany): What mean the frequent CSF pathologies in affective and schizophrenic spectrum disorders ?
Martin Brüne (Bochum, Germany): Gut-brain-interaction in psychiatric disorders
Norbert Müller (Munich, Germany): The significance of the inflammation marker C-Reactive Protein for psychiatric disorders
Milan Latas (Belgrade, Serbia): Benzodiazepines in 21th century - option or a big mistake
Zdravko Lacković (Zagreb, Croatia): Botulinum toxin and depression: clinical and preclinical evidence

GRAZ Stroke Symposium: Diagnosis, clinical management and treatment of intracranial hemorrhage
Chairs: Kurt Niederkorn and Thomas Gattringer (Graz)
Thomas Gattringer (Neurology, Medical University of Graz) – Neuroimaging of intracranial hemorrhage
Markus Kneihsl (Neurology, Medical University of Graz) – Clinical management of intracranial hemorrhage
Hannes Deutschmann (Neuroradiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology Graz) – Neurointerventional treatment of macrovascular causes of intracranial hemorrhage

MS Symposium
Silva Butković Soldo (Osijek, Croatia): Neurorehabilitation in MS
Vanja Bašić Kesa (Zagreb, Croatia): MS and pregnancy
Uroš Rot (Ljubljana, Slovenia): TNF alpha inhibitors and demyelinating/inflammatory diseases of the nervous system

Free Topics 
Domagoj Vidovic (Zagreb, Croatia): Psychoneuroimmunology of sleep deprivation

Neurodegeneration Symposium
Miroslav Cuturic (Columbia, USA): Hunitngton's Disease: Clinical Research and the Road Ahead
Gabriela Novotni (Skopje, N. Macedonia):  Inflammaging and the Brain
Maja Relja (Zagreb, Croatia): Could we improve dystonia management in Europe ?
Vladimira Vuletić (Rijeka, Croatia): Invasive methods in Movement disorders

Migraine Symposium
Marjan Zaletel (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Can Calcitonine gene related peptide be causally related to migraine aura? 
Bojana Žvan (Ljubljana): What is the right choice for the treatment of episodic and chronic migraine in people at cardiovascular risk?
Mariana Ciobanu (Nashville, USA): Management of refractory migraine in adolescents and young adults- challenges and rewards

CEESS Symposium
Hrvoje Budinčević (Zagreb, Croatia): How to improve door-to-reperfusion time in acute ischemic stroke?
Anita Arsovska (Skopje, N. Macedonia): Rare Causes of Stroke
Frederic-Ivan Silconi (Pula, Croatia): Posterior circulation stroke

Pula Psychopathology Summer School 2023
- Focus on Schizophrenia and Bordeline Personality Disorders
Chairs: Karl Bechter (Ulm), Dominique Endres (Freiburg), Martin Brüne (Bochum)

Autoimmune Psychosis as a new differential diagnosis of Schizophrenia Spectum
D. Endres, Freiburg, Germany

Neuroinflammation in Schizophrenia - actual status of knowledge
N. Müller, München, Germany

Neural and immunological similarities/differences - schizophrenia vs. bipolar disorder
P. Brambilla, Milan, Italy

Empathy for psychological and physical pain in borderline personality disorder
M. Bechi, Milan, Italy

Looking into the brain through the language window
G. Agostoni, Milan, Italy

Linking adverse childhood experiences to borderline personality features
Monika Zdravkovic, Bochum, Germany

Insights from behavioural ecology regarding somatic comorbidity in borderline personality
Martin Brüne, Bochum, Germany

"Lets talk about old age psychiatry"
Ninoslav Mimica - The role and place of old age psychiatry today 
Petrana Brečić - Affective disorders and suicidality in the elderly 
Marija Kušan Jukić - Dellirium and dementia 
Zrnka Kovačić Petrović - Addictions in the elderly

Sport Psychiatry Symposium

 Chair (D.  Marčinko, V.Z. Markser, T. Franić)

M.Brüne (Bochum) – Cardiovascular risk factors in young people with borderline personality disorder: why there is a need for more sports, not less

T.Franić (Split) – How to assess mental health in athletes – the role and problems of assessment and screening tools

S.Drmić (Zagreb) – Mental benefit of sports – sports therapy in mental illness

D.Marčinko (Zagreb) – Healthy and pathological narcissism in football players

Symposium - Professional medical ethics: current views, approaches, and challenges
(Bio)ethics and professional medical ethics - a very short introduction
Marko Ćurković
Duties of physicians towards oneself
Ana Borovečki, Ivan Pavao Gradiški
Ethics at the end-of-life
Diana Špoljar
Medical professionalism – legal framework
Sunčana Roksandić Vidlička, Aleksandar Maršavelski
E-professionalism - professional medical ethics in emerging digital landscapes
Tea Vukušić Rukavina, Marko Marelić

Dementia Symposium

Epilepsy Symposium
Silvio Bašić (Zagreb, Croatia)

Željka Petelin Gadže (Zagreb, Croatia): Epilepsy and psychosis - treatment challenges

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Poster SessionER'S DISEASE RISK IN PATIENTS WITH TYPE-2 DIABETES MELLITUS. Betul Sumbul-Sekerci, Ozlem Gelisin, Abdusselam Sekerci 








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