MIND & BRAIN - 59th International Neuropsychiatric Congress May 30 2019 - June 02 2019 Pula, Croatia


Preliminary Program - Pula 2019

Thursday, May 30th 2019
14:30-17:30 Pula's World MS Day Symposium - Multidisciplinary approach to persons with multiple sclerosis
Chairpersons: S. Butković Soldo (Osijek, Croatia)
17:30-18:30 Multiple Sclerosis Symposium – Hot topics in MS treatment
Chairperson: U. Rot (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  T. Hojs Fabjan (Maribor, Slovenia): First line therapy in multiple sclerosis
  V.Bašić Kes (Zagreb, Croatia):  How to treat non-respondent MS patients
  U. Rot (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Treatment options in progressive multiple sclerosis
18:30-19:15 Sattelite Symposium - Multiple sclerosis (Merck) 
Friday May 31st, 2019
09:00-11:00 MAIN THEME
 Chairpersons: F. Fazekas (Graz, Austria) &  M. Brüne (Bochum, Germany)
  F. Fazekas (Graz, Austria): The contribution of MRI to treatment decisions in multiple sclerosis
  N. Müller (Munich, Germany): The role of inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease
  M. Brüne (Bochum, Germany): Social cognition in health and disease: Some insights from neuroimaging and genetics 
  S. Bašić (Zagreb, Croatia): Managing drug-resistant epilepsy
11:00-12:30 Graz Neurology Symposium - Historical development, present status and future aspects of diagnosis and treatment
Chairpersons: F. Fazekas (Graz, Austria) & K. Niederkorn (Graz, Austria)
K. Niederkorn (Graz, Austria) & T.Gattringer (Graz, Austria)
  Multiple Sclerosis
S. Fuchs (Graz, Austria) & C. Enzinger (Graz, Austria)
F. Payer (Graz, Austria) & T. Urbanic-Purkart (Graz, Austria) 
11:00-12:30 Short Communications 
  N. Ustinova (Kotor, Montenegro): Ketamin in therapy of pharmacoresistant depression - A naturalistic study  
  S. Kuzmina (Moscow, Russian Federation): Occupational risk factors of chemical industry for worker’s mental health
  O. Zaitsev (Moscow, Russian Federation): Side of predominant brain damage and psychopathology of severe traumatic brain injury
  D. Jutrić (Zagreb, Croatia): Effects of the antiepileptic valproate and of the flavonone naringenin on the antioxidative defence system in the brain of C57Bl6 mouse
  E. Horvat Velić (Zagreb, Croatia): Students' Symposium in Biology and Life Sciences – SiSB
12:30-13:15 Satelitte Symposium
12:30-13:15 Satellite Symposium - Multiple Sclerosis  (Sanofi)
12:30-13:30 Workshop How to read and write a scientific paper?
A. Glasnović (Zagreb, Croatia): Normal distribution and related topics
A. Glasnović (Zagreb, Croatia): Study types
S. Gajović (Zagreb, Croatia): New ways of thinking scientifically
13:00-14:30 LUNCH
14:30-16:00 Alzheimer's Disease Symposium
Chairperson: N. Mimica
  N. Mimica (Zagreb, Croatia): Depression, dementia and delirium - continuum or comorbidity 
  M. Šagud (Zagreb, Croatia): Dementia or depression: how to know and what to do?
  N. Klepac (Zagreb, Croatia): Early detection of dementia
  M. Kušan Jukić (Zagreb, Croatia): Pathophysiology, clinical picture and treatment of delirious state in persons with dementia 
14:30-16:00 1st HISPA HR Symposium - Hypertension Infarction Stroke Prevention Association - Croatia 
Chairpersons: N. Tasić (Belgrade, Serbia) & S. Morović (Zagreb, Croatia)
  N. Tasić (Belgrade, Serbia): Vison And Mission Of HISPA International
  V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia): Croatian Preventive Strategy - What we have done!
  S. Morović (Zagreb, Croatia): Croatian Preventive Strategy - Where we are going!
  H. Budincevic (Zagreb, Croatia): Anticoagulant therapy in secondary stroke prevention
  Roundtable: Implementation of HISPA Programme In the Region - from wishes to fulfillment
14:30-16:30 Psychopathology Summer School
  K. Bär (Jena, Germany): Autonomic nervous system processing in schizophrenia
  J. Schröder (Heidelberg, Germany): Neurological soft-signs in schizophrenia: new findings
  M. Brüne (Bochum, Germany): An evolutionary account of toxoplasmosis in psychosis
  M. Bechi (MIlan, Italy): Autistic traits negatively influence Theory of Mind and training efficacy in patients with schizophrenia
  N. Ilanković (Beograd, Serbia): Schizophrenias are frequently not primary cerebral disorders
16:00-17:30 Neuropsychiatric manifestations of neurological disorders
Chairpersons: O. Sinanovic & U. Rot
  O. Sinanovic (Tuzla, BIH): Neuropsychiatric manifestations of stroke
  V. Vuletic (Rijeka, Croatia): Non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease – an update
  U. Rot (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Neuropsychiatric manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis
  D. Vidovic (Zagreb, Croatia): Sleep deprivation and cognitive functioning
16:30-17:45 Psychiatry Symposium- New insights in neuroinflammatory and autoimmune dysregulation in psychiatric disorders: It there a role for Herpes Viruses?
Chairpersons: H.C. Klein (Groningen,The Netherlands)
  M. Schneider (Ulm, Germany): Metabolism and mitochondrial dysregulation – role of pro- and anti-oxidant pathways in psychiatry
  H. Klein (Groningen, The Netherlands): Psychosis as a non-clearing inflammatory response to a latent herpes virus in the limbic system
  C. Scheiber (Ulm, Germany): Herpes viral and inflammatory markers in patients with severe mental disorders. New data from CSF.
16:30-17:30 5. Pula Neuroscience Symposium - Session 1.  - Plenary Lectures
Chairpersons: S. Gajovic
  J Kriz (Quebec, Canada):TBA
  M. Hoehn (Jülich, Germany): Functional neuronal networks in health and disease
17:30-18:30 Short Communications: Neuropsychiatry
  L.M. Groenlund (Esbjerg, Denmark): Intrathecal baclofen as treatment for myoclonus and catabolism as part of hypoxic brain damage - a new treatment? 
  G. Ivanova (Moscow, Russian Federation): The possibility of psychotherapy of anxious and depressive disorders in patients at distant stages of brain injury
  V. Đermanović Dobrota (Zagreb, Croatia): Cognitive Impairment in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  N. Ustinova (Moscow, Russian Federation): Strategic planning: how to improve health care services for children with autism in Russia?
17:45-18:30 Satellite Symposium
18:30-20:00 Poster Session
Chairpersons: M. Brüne, S. Gajović, K. Niederkorn, O. Sinanović, I. Šain.  
Saturday, June 1st 2019.
09:00-12:30 MAIN THEME
Chairpersons: V. Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia) & A. Korczyn (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  V.Demarin (Zagreb, Croatia): There is no Health without Brain Health
  A. Korczyn (Tel Aviv, Israel): Non epileptic seizures, are they psychogenic?
  M. Latas (Beograd, Serbia): Phobic vertigo - does it really exist?
  Fr. Benedetti (Milan, Italy): Neuroinflammation and white matter damage in the neuroprogression of mood disorders
  E. Bilić (Zagreb, Croatia): Immunotherapy in Neuromuscular Diseases
  M. Mijajlovic (Beograd, Serbia): Patent foramen ovale: to close or not ?
  B. Tsygankov (Moscow, Russian Federation): Supposed mechanism of influence the hepatitis C virus on the developement of neuropsychological disorders
08:30-10:30 5. Pula Neuroscience Symposium - Session 2. 
  S. Gajović (Zagreb, Croatia): Multimodal approaches to evaluate mouse brain repair after ischemic lesion
  M. Heffer (Osijek, Croatia): TBA
  M. Zille (Lübeck, Germany): TBA
  M. Mladinić (Rijeka, Croatia): Exploring the basis of neuroregeneration: identification of key molecules with proteomics and functional assays in the mammalian spinal cord
  A. Glasnović (Zagreb, Croatia): TBA
  J. Kežić (Zagreb, Croatia): Systemic exposure to toll-like receptor 9 ligand CpG-ODN elicits low-grade inflammation in the retina that is unaltered in diabetic mice
11:00-13:00 5. Pula Neuroscience Symposium - Session 3. 
  L. Klimaschewski (Innsbruck, Austria): Improving brain disorders by targeting the endogenous ERK inhibitor Sprouty2
  R. Andretić Waldowski (Rijeka, Croatia): Role of redox in psychostimulant-induced behavioral change
  M. Dobrivojević (Zagreb, Croatia): Longitudinal MRI analysis of ischemic lesion in Tlr2-deficient mouse
  A. Šarolić (Split, Croatia): Electrostimulation waveform and frequency effect on nerve excitability
  Technical Forum
  M Kopecek: In vivo ultrasound and photoacustic imaging of the rodent brain
  D. Wiedermann (Cologne, Germany): MRI applications in brain research
12:00-13:30 Workshop - Child and adolescent psychiatry 
Chairperson: I. Šain (Pula, Croatia)
Lj. Paradžik (Zagreb, Croatia): ''Neurobiologija neurorazvojnih poremećaja ( poremećaji iz autističnog spektra i ADHD)
  V. Boričević Maršanić ( Zagreb, Croatia): 'Neurobiologija mentalnih poremećaja u djece nakon traume
  A. Špelić (Pula, Croatia): Psihoanalitički pristup autizmu
12:30-13:15  Satellite Symposium
12-30-13:00  Satellite Symposium
13:00-14:30 LUNCH
14:30-17:00 Psychiatry Symposium: From Neurobiology to Psychotherapy
Chairpersons: I. Kostović (Zagreb, Croatia)M. Jakovljević (Zagreb, Croatia) & D. Marčinko (Zagreb, Croatia)
  I. Kostović (Zagreb, Croatia): TBA
  M.Jakovljević (Zagreb, Croatia): The concept of staging 
  D.Marčinko (Zagreb, Croatia):  Personality and psychosomatic reaction 
  M.Rojnić Kuzman  (Zagreb, Croatia):  Treatment of first episode psychosis: Biological therapy or/and Psychotherapy?
  A.Savić (Zagreb, Croatia): Neuroimaging and personality - challenging dichotomy between biology and psychology
  T.Franić (Split, Croatia): Mental illness: Why help starts at a milestone birthday
  B.Aukst-Margetić, D.Karlović (Zagreb, Croatia): Personality and schizophrenia 
  B.Vuksan Ćusa (Zagreb, Croatia): Bipolar disorder
  S.Drmić (Zagreb, Croatia): Sleep disorders
14:30-16:30 Joint Meeting with Alps-Adria Neuroscience Section and Central and Eastern European Stroke Society and WFN Applied Research Group on the Organization and Delivery of Care
Symposium on Recent Approaches in the Management on Headache
  M. Zaletel (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Impact of migraine on public health
  K. Bačić Baronica (Zagreb, Croatia): Current treatment modalities in migraine
  B. Žvan (Ljubljana, Slovenia): New emerging therapies in migraine – CGRP antagonists and new EHF guidelines
  S. Tomasović (Zagreb, Croatia): TBA
14:30-16:30 5. Pula Neuroscience Symposium - Session 4. 
  E. Buratti (Trieste, Italy): Importance of TDP-43 effects on RNA metabolism in neurodegenerative and muscular diseases
  I. Munitić (Rijeka, Croatia): Optineurin dysfunction in neurodegeneration
  D. Gorup (Zagreb, Croatia): Caged-luciferin bioluminescence imaging in evaluating mouse brain ischemic lesion
  K. Pilipović (Rijeka, Croatia): TDP-43 mislocalization following a single and repetitive traumatic brain injury in the mouse cortex  
  N. Bradshaw (Rijeka, Croatia): Chronic mental illnesses as disorders of protein aggregation
  D. Mitrečić (Zagreb, Croatia): Transplantation of neural stem cells after ischemic brain stroke influences expression of genes involved in the programmed cell death 
17:00-18:30 Young Psychiatrists Symposium: Psychodynamic Coaching in Croatia.
Chairpersons: D.Marčinko (Zagreb, Croatia), V. Bilić (Zagreb, Croatia), A.Bagarić (Zagreb,  Croatia)
  Promocija knjige: “Psihodinamika poslovnih odnosa”
autor: D.Marčinko, recenzenti: A.Bagarić i V.Bilić 
  Okrugli stol: Psihodinamski coaching - primjena psihodinamike u poslovnom svijetu
Moderatori: V.Bilić, A.Bagarić, M.Jakovljević, D.Marčinko
16:30-18:30 Central and Eastern European Stroke Society Symposium
Joint Meeting with Alps-Adria Neuroscience Section and Central and Eastern European Stroke Society and WFN Applied Research Group on the Organization and Delivery of Care

Endorsed by World Stroke Organization
Chairpersons: V. Demarin & K. Niederkorn
  A. Pavlovic (Beograd, Serbia): Migraine and Stroke
  D. Zadravec (Zagreb, Croatia): Radiological diagnostics and endovascular treatment of stroke
  B. Piechowski-Jozwiak (Abu Dabi, UAE): Clot morphology in ischemic stroke
  S. Frol (Ljubljana, Slovenia): Intravenous thrombolysis in patients on direct oral anticoagulants 
  H. Budincevic (Zagreb, Croatia): How to improve stroke care?
16:30-18:30 Young Investigators' Corner
18:30-19:00 Fabrizio Benedetti (Turin, Italy): The placebo effect: how mind can change the body
Sunday June 2nd 2019.
09:00-10:00 Best posters awards presentations
Chairpersons: V. Demarin & F. Benedetti
10:00-12:00 Short Communucations

We look forward to welcoming you in Pula, Croatia! The Administrative Secretariat is pleased to assist you with further details.