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Already from the second Symposium held in 1962 the organizers started to prepare a booklet with short summaries of the introductory presentations, in German ("Referate"), which was at the time the official Conference language, printed in Graz. After several years also the "short contributions" were included in the booklet. With a steadily increasing number of participants from the then Yugoslav republics, especially from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, a request appeared to prepare an analogous booklet. So in 1978 Barac started printing in Zagreb this parallel edition ("Referati") to meet the demands of participants speaking south slavic languages from the region. In 1985, after a sudden death of Grinschgl, Barac (Zagreb) and Stochdorf (München) prepared, for the shortage of time, the German edition only, printed in Graz. The proposal of the newly elected Secretaries General, Lechner and Barac, to publish the introductory lectures and scientific contributions of active participants in English, according to the By Laws of the SEESNP and in line with the international practice, were readily accepted by the Kuratorium.
Since 1986 the Proceedings in English have been printed either as a supplement to the "Neurologija (Zagreb)", or as autonomous publication; the journal has been later renamed "Neurologia Croatica".
Although the number of summaries and contributions has varied in the course of time, depending on the situation in the region, the Proceedings successfully reflected the growth and the rise of the quality of the Symposia. In 1995 we started the Internet Program with information on the forthcoming Symposium: our main Sponsor from Croatia: Ministry of Science, made possible to announce the preliminary programs and the Invitation to the Symposia on its Web Site. However, in order to keep our participants abreast will all the recent information on the organization, programs, the themes and the topics of the following Symposia, but also on its history, social events, international collaboration, on tourism in Istria, City of Pula, Croatia, etc, we opened our own Web Site: www.pula-symp.com (now reached by the Address: www.pula-cong.com. This enabled not only continuous contacts with all the interested colleagues, but more recently also the presentation of the Introductory and Academic lectures and of the Scientific contributions, formerly published only in the Proceedings.
The Program directors and speakers in the scientific themes and the didactic programs, the reviewers - members of the Kuratorium, and the Editors of the "Proceedings", have given important contributions to the constant rise of quality of these meetings, giving good prospects for future years. The organizers, particularly the Kuratorium and the Editors, are especially grateful to all the Invited speakers, authors of the Academic lectures, who have regularly prepared their written contributions, Summaries of their presentations, on a high scientific and professional level, with the most salient, critical review of the contemporary literature. The Summaries were written mostly as a kind of a review or critical review, containing most salient recent data on the matter, pointing to the actual problems, views and dilemmas of the topic, also containing, when applicable, recent information on basic scientific achievements, data on current diagnostic, therapeutic or preventive possibilities, important for the best actual clinical practice.
Celebrating 50th anniversary of the INPC Congress in 2010, "Memorial book - 50 years International Neuropsychiatric Pula Congresses, 1961-2010" edited by Prof Barac and Prof Demarin was published.
From 2008 until 2014 some invited lectures and all abstracts are published as a supplement of the Acta Clinica Croatica, indexed in PubMed, Scopus, Embase, Index Copernicus International.

From 2015 the Abstract Book is published online.  

Barac B, Demarin V: Six decades of the Pula Neuropsychiatric meetings – From Neuropsychiatry to borderlands of Neurology and Psychiatry: BRAIN AND MIND

ISSN 2469-5748.  
Abstract Book (International Neuropsychiatric Congress. Online)
Abbreviation: Abstr. book (Intern. Neuropsychiatr. Congr., Online)


We look forward to welcoming you to Pula in-person event! The Administrative Secretariat is pleased to assist you with further details.
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