Unique Psychiatry and Neurology Congress - MIND & BRAIN - 63rd INPC May 30th- June 2nd, 2024. Park Plaza Histria, Pula, Croatia.

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By tradition, the Pula Symposia, starting in 1961 as "Wochenend Symposium", had been so far held always in the week of the Corpus Christi.
Out of the present circumstances, due to the changes in the tourist policy, connected with the problems of the limited capacity of beds which can be granted for the participants in such fluctuating terms of the Symposium, but also for the advantage of the Symposia, the Kuratorium accepted the proposal, that the Pula Symposia take place from the year 2004 in the last week of May every year.

2023 - May 18th-21st
2024 - May 


We look forward to welcoming you to Pula in-person event! The Administrative Secretariat is pleased to assist you with further details.
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